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Where can I find help?

Go to our Facebook Group at for more info on how to sew masks.

Are cloth masks effective?

N95 masks (or higher) are the most effective mask to prevent and protect those on the front line from being exposed to COVID-19. The cloth masks featured on this site are to be used as a way to make the N95 masks last longer, as a backup if there are no N95 masks, as hand-outs for patients who are in the waiting room who are going home, or however hospitals see fit. Read more about the effectiveness of materials used here.

How can I help if I can't sew?

If you want to help, but don't have an extra mask to give and you aren't able to make one, you can support our Seamsters by purchasing materials that are needed to make masks. Simply visit our Amazon Wish List to find the products Help the Helpers currently needs. If you are purchasing fabric, be sure that you choose a 100% cotton option. Shipping information is pre-filled in the wish list.

What if I can sew, but I need materials?

If you are able to make these masks, but need materials please email us through the form on the bottom of this page. We are collecting brand new materials through the Amazon Wish list and can arrange a time for you to pick up supplies.

Can I donate fabric I already own?

We are accepting fabric as long as it is brand new and 100% cotton. While it is perfectly fine for folks to make masks with used clean, used t-shirts that they currently own and have in their homes, we cannot transfer any used fabric. If you have brand new, 100% cotton fabric, please contact us through the form below to find out where you can deliver it. Thank you!


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